July 22, 2021

Archimica announces completion of its 1,2 Mio. Euro Investment Expansion of its Multi-Purpose Manufacturing Capacity on CPHI North America

Archimica has started the operation of its expanded multi-purpose manufacturing capacity at its Lodi (Italy) site. A recent investment has added significantly to the company´s capabilities overall 170 m3 highly flexible reactor capacity to realize API and GMP Building Block custom process development and manufacturing projects from 10 kgs to multiple tons from September 2021 on. The investment comprises a range of reactor and separation equipment capabilities, with a total investment volume of 1,2 Mio. Euro.

“With this expansion and after the substantial investment in our laboratory capabilities earlier this year, we are now able to offer a further range of small to large volume multi-step custom manufacturing options applying Archimica´s unique chemical technology portfolio to the benefit of our customers worldwide. Archimica’s experienced and flexible team, our broad permit and state-of-the-art environmental protection facilities enable us to industrialize products and processes with the most challenging reagents and reactions known with short lead times to accelerate drug development and supply for complex multi-step APIs into all clinical and commercial stages”, said Ralf Pfirmann, Executive Chairman of Archimica.

About Archimica

Archimica is a leading organization specialized for more than 70 years in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) development and manufacture for the benefit of customers and patients worldwide. Its site in Lodi, Italy operates in compliance with the most recent GMP guidelines and has been successfully inspected by US-FDA, EMA and numerous other regulatory agencies.

Archimica offers custom synthesis of late stage intermediates and APIs for the innovative and the generic pharmaceutical industry in addition to its range of standard care generic APIs for a broad range of therapeutic areas. Its offering covers highly flexible, agile small clinical stage to continuously improving large commercial manufacturing as well as process development, analytical, quality and regulatory services.

Archimica employs more than 115 staff members which achieve annual revenues of more than 30 Mio. €. Since 2019 Archimica is a fully owned portfolio company of Livia Corporate Development SE.

For more information, visit https://www.archimica.com.

Press Contact:

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