L-α-Glycerophosphoryl-ethanolamine, Synthesis Grade (GPE SG, see also Archimica´s API grade [Alpha-glycerylphosphorylethanolamine (GPE)] ) is a valuable advanced intermediate for the synthesis of lipids and antifungals.

The high potential as intermediate for complex syntheses of lipids, specifically lipids used in the formulation of mRNA vaccines, as well as of complex antifungals, has been proven during the most recent times of high demand due to pandemic vaccination and medication of secondary infections. GPE allows improved efficiency of the related syntheses, hence supporting supply of critical products worldwide.

Archimica’s GPE technical grade is manufactured from soybean lecithin through selective hydrolysis, chromatographic purification and crystallization.

Archimica is able to offer GPE in synthesis grade for use as intermediate for lipids´ or antifungals´ synthesis from its regular production. It is excited to support its partners worldwide with samples, technical information and commercial scale product since 2021.